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Themed weddings and rituals are back!

by | Nov 14, 2017 | Weddings | 0 comments

Or did they ever go?  My guess is….it depends on what questions as a Celebrant we ask the couple.  In my questionnaire, I always ask the couple if they are having a special theme or if they had thought of a ritual they would like.

Some couples like Gary and Alyce actually wanted a medieval theme that I conducted with the Celtic Hand fasting ceremony…..I even got to wear a lovely cloak they had made for me  🙂

I conducted Rowena and Michael’s elopement from Melbourne and they really liked the humanist idea they saw at a friend’s wedding in the UK and l wrote a ceremony with them that included an Ancient Wine ceremony, they now have the exquisite goblets as a keepsake to drink from on every anniversary as a special reminder of their wonderful day.

Vintage weddings are definitely back; I see so many couples loving the vintage lace and in particular black and white with a dash of colour and before you know it the bridal party will be dressed up like the Great Gatsby!

I think being Irish is a bonus as I embrace my culture and heritage.  The Claddagh ring has its significance, Love – Friendship – Loyalty.

Merv and Aly embraced their Irish heritage and bought Claddagh rings from Ireland for their wedding and we incorporated some especially quirky wording that was uniquely them. In Ancient Ireland this symbolised a happy and everlasting marriage!

If you would like a ritual as part of your Ceremony, checkout my website under Rituals or we can discuss at our meeting.