Your wedding day is quite likely the most important day in your lives as a couple. Your wedding ceremony should be personal to you. It is my privilege and my obligation as a Civil Marriage Celebrant to guide you and enable you to choose or compose the ceremony that will fulfil your expectations it is your ceremony, therefore, you can take ownership as much as you like, after all it is your day!

I have many great tips and resources on my website to help you along the way, I encourage you to write your own vows that signify your love and feelings for one another it can be a story of how you first met or a compilation of words significant to you both; the opportunities open to you are endless. I shall of course be available to help should you need me.

Every aspect of your day, from readings to music, should be a reflection of you and the bond that you share. It is also important to choose the style of ceremony that reflects your ideals and philosophies of marriage. To make this day truly your own, rejoice in everything that makes your journey unique, express yourself among family and friends through a personalised ceremony. I will also assist you with the legal requirements to ensure your ceremony is valid.

When I have your unique story, I will create the ceremony, composing the first draft – which I will send to you for your approval, corrections, or changes. You can have unlimited consultations and complete final approval of the ceremony before your wedding day.

I offer a calm and approachable process, guiding you thoughtfully through the often-overwhelming journey to your big day. I strive to take care of you and your loved ones on the day of the wedding so that it is a fun and magical experience and also strive to ensure that you have a low level of stress before and more especially on the day so that it is a cherished memory for your family and friends.

All couples receive a comprehensive Wedding tool kit with various Wedding Ceremonies and a comprehensive range of Wedding Vows, Ring Exchanges, verse and poems to choose from. I have a state of the art PA system I use depending on the location and the amount of guests on the day.

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Celebrant ceremonies - the deed is done- Sydney

Commitment Ceremonies

commitment ceremonies sydney
A commitment ceremony is often very similar to many other kinds of weddings. The difference is that rather than being a legally binding ceremony, it is simply a public affirmation of a couple’s commitment to one another.

A commitment ceremony may be religious or secular, formal and traditional or loose and unstructured. The makeup of the ceremony will depend on the personal preferences of you the couple.

I can work with you to incorporate a beautiful sand, rose, handbinding ritual of your choice into your ceremony, you may have a special reading, poem or song you would like to include; I have a variety for you to choose from that will help make your day a memorable one in this next journey of your life together.

Vow Renewal

For a variety of reasons, couples may decide to renew or reaffirm previously said vows.

The marriage may have taken place interstate or overseas and the couple wish to share the occasion amongst those who couldn’t be present.

Significant wedding anniversaries are also wonderful occasions to celebrate with a reaffirmation ceremony.

A certificate, together with a bound copy of your ceremony will be presented to you as a memento of the day.

Naming Ceremonies

Historically speaking, naming ceremonies go back to ancient Greek and Roman times. Renowned scholars tell us that a child was not a member of the family until he/she had been officially welcomed into the family through a naming ceremony. It is not a legally binding ceremony.

It is a fulfilling and meaningful experience for all concerned. Sometimes called a secular christening or a name ceremony, it is an occasion where a new birth is celebrated and a child is welcomed into the family. In doing so, family relationships are deepened and parents become more aware of their responsibilities. So too, do the grandparents and godparents/mentors/guardians.